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    More, right? And how are you?
    I went down to the first floor, but it turned out that everyone had already left, then I went to my beloved on the second floor. Having risen to meet me, the same boy came out of the next room and went down the corridor to the stairs.
    And then she did not have time to say anything, I interrupted her:
    I slowly entered her bedroom. She lay under the covers and wept pitifully. Sitting down slowly, I stroked her head and shoulder, saying softly:
    “But what about your…” he did not finish the sentence, she interrupted him.
    I knew it was your weak spot!
    Come on, follow my orders, you worthless squalor! Lena said.
    I lower my gaze and turn to stand. You suddenly take my forearms firmly, but carefully, and look into my eyes, which I don’t know what to do with shame. Just do not now explain and console me. At this time, the imagination generously sprinkles with frank pictures of how you caress and beautifully fuck all our sexual mutual acquaintances. Here you are, winding long silky black hair around your fist in a dog pose, ending up in a flushed, flowing tasty pussy, moaning loudly and biting that fucking student on the neck. Here is a long-legged colleague from work swallowing your boner in pose 69 with relish, and you are lying under her fucking her pussy with your tongue and inserting your second finger into a gorgeous, sweat-soaked ass, working it out for the next call. Here is your best friend throwing her legs on your shoulders and you are fucking her deep and tight to the very balls, squeezing her big breasts, kissing her nipples, while she twitches under you in an orgasm. I feel more and more my absurdity and stupidity, imagining how these beauties flow from you, scream under you, furiously caress you with their lips, hands, breasts, vulva, and you finish, finish, finish, filling their excited faces with thick white sperm from a shuddering member.

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