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    The only goal: to remove the wench and wet the end. They didn’t hear about AIDS then, gonorrhea was treated simply, and these diseases were quite rare. In order not to come into conflict with the local population, we first talked to the guys. The conversation, supported by vodka, came out meaningful. Then they learned that in this town not maniacs rape women, but maniacs can rape a man. We went to the site and looked around. The same guys learned how to identify a busy woman from a free one. The guys with a cackle explained that we would not be mistaken.
    Sasha stood in one T-shirt, his penis hung, he looked at us.
    She hugged me, pressing her cheek against mine, very sticky because of her “syrup”, and we lay like that … all evening, and then fell asleep in her bedroom. I then had a very vivid and pleasant dream: My mother and I are lying in a sun-drenched clearing, and we are stroking each other’s members. And then we kiss enchantingly.
    Don’t rush, he whispered in her ear, lowering his hands to her hips. He rose to the waist, massaging his flat tummy with his fingers, and barely touching the top elastic of the panties. He sank down, bypassing the pussy, on the inside of the thighs and began to stroke between, still ignoring the heated pussy. Tanya leaned on me, massaging the penis with her ass, which I wanted to enter between the buttocks, but my wife understood the desire.
    What is so terrible you are going to tell us?
    She was still the same corset, the same white stockings and the same panties transparent from moisture, through which even from 3 meters her pussy was perfectly visible.
    Wet me there! – again I heard above my ear, but already in a voice.
    I began to rise slowly, the ass slid off the rubber member with a characteristic squelching sound, I felt a blissful sensation. My cock stood upright, before orgasm I did not have just a few moments. I got up and looked at him, he was still sitting with his legs apart, only the member was already limp …

در حال نمایش 1 نوشته (از کل 1)
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