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    Community life.
    At that moment, I looked at my thin legs, at a clean-shaven standing member, on the head of which lubricant flowed, stretching to the very feet. Standing on my toes, I imagined myself as a girl and moved a little back and forth, sitting down on this rubber member. My own penis was getting bigger and bigger and the fact that I didn’t have to do anything with my hands turned me on incredibly. I flew in my fantasies somewhere very far away … Either a beautiful tranny fucks me and I demonstrate that I like it, then I break like a girl, pretending that they took me by force. After some time, I increased the pace and felt an orgasm inevitably approaching, I strained my legs even more, while not squeezing the anus, but rather slightly pushing. And at some point I was no longer able to restrain myself and a stream of hot sperm escaped from the penis. The first shots hit far, but the next ones already hit my legs, in my head I imagine that this is not my sperm, but the sperm of some beautiful trans girl. Although the orgasm is still going on, I already want to take the strapon out of myself, but the spasms do not allow it, the anus involuntarily continues to shrink strongly again and again, preventing the toy from being removed from the priests. After a while, I remove myself from the rubber cock, blood returns to my arms and legs, and my head finally regains the ability to think about something other than fucking.
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    I began to avoid sexual intercourse. I experienced the first orgasm in my last year with a teacher. I needed a five, and his wife went to her parents for a week. All this week we had sex with him at his home, in a cozy home environment, in the marital bed. With him, I understood why women have sex. Thanks to driving, I began to appreciate sex more, learned to have an orgasm even in a car, realized how nice it is to take off my panties in front of a new partner, to experience new sensations when you are probed by an unfamiliar dick. I have few joys, so I continued this study. But you’re right, driving lessons are no longer needed and will not be. I already drive well.
    – I was warned about the interview – did you want to ask me any questions?
    Tea coffee?
    Old people are already, but like young people: we kiss, we hug.
    I did my best. Now he’s definitely a man.

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