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    Oksana, or simply Ksyusha, as everyone used to call her, she works as a writer of novels, she had three full-fledged books behind her, after which she had a kind of crisis, she can sit for hours in the office, after throwing ideas into the basket.
    Of course, the gatherings were not every day, and it didn’t bother me much, especially since there were very interesting men among my colleagues. One of them, Alexei, I liked quite a lot, I considered him very attractive, and he did not skimp on compliments addressed to me.
    I gently pulled on and the underwear fell down to the jeans. A very neat, slightly erect pink cock appeared right in front of my face. I stroked her hips with my hands, slightly shifted the right one towards the penis and, looking up at her, asked:
    “Then don’t mind. The girlfriend that the main thing is not against?
    Thank you, – he thanked, wiping his penis, – you have an amazing wife, even in difficult circumstances, she found a way to solve it. It turns out to fuck in the mouth is not only a curse, but also a real action, and a very pleasant one.
    She lifted her tank top, revealing a blue, lacy bra that covered her third size breasts. He smiled. To their left was a street, a little wider, and to their right there was a narrow alley between two houses and a turn, if someone was walking from there, they would surely have heard. But if from the street …
    Rub it, caress it, it will rise.
    Then Katya got up, threw off her dress and sat on her knees to Seryozha, rewarding him with a passionate kiss on the lips. Katya writhed all over while sitting on his feet and biting his lips. Seryozha just sat in ecstasy and could not imagine that all this was happening in reality. Katya took off her bra and put Serezha’s hands on her chest, then she went down below, kneeling in front of him, pulled off his pants, took out his cock from his underpants, and began to gently jerk off next to his lips so that he would feel her breath with a member.
    No, Kylie, are you crazy? but the girl had already crawled under the covers. She quickly found my erect cock and wrapped her lips around it, began to quickly suck Kylie, sweetie, stop. Come on, not now. I promise you that we will have sex a little later. Good?

در حال نمایش 1 نوشته (از کل 1)
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