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    Her voice weakened and she only moaned. When I finished in her, I wondered what her face is now. Turning her over, I see how tears flow down her clean and smooth face and, connecting on a miniature chin, dripped onto the ground. And then I felt sorry for her, I behaved like a pig and did not worry about her feelings. We changed position, I sat on the toilet, and she sat on top. Her chest was right in front of her eyes. Katya slowly lowered and rose, and I put my hands on her bare ass, helping her. To give her even more pleasure, I pressed my lips to her nipples. This time she moaned in a different way. More gentle, right? When I got close to the final, Katya kissed me and I came powerfully inside her. She hugged me tightly, pressing her whole body against me. So we sat for quite some time.
    Sit on the couch, I’ll get us a drink.
    And she set an example by taking the head of the penis in her mouth and completely swallowed it a couple of times.
    I know… I have to go too. We’ll finish when everything settles down.
    Laura had anal sex cream. Deciding to confiscate it, I went through the bathroom to the next room. Despite the late hour, the lovers did not sleep.
    – Don’t care, the door is closed. Nobody will enter here. They usually do not enter, especially without knocking.
    She had a dick! It’s unimaginably simple, she really has a penis, a real one!

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