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    Irka, out of pity, would you dress more modestly.
    Sostula jumped off, twisted, akimbo.
    As soon as Natasha entered the room to Artyom, he passionately sucked her, and wasted no time putting his hand into her panties. It turned out that the panties managed to get a little wet while Natasha walked along the corridors of the hostel, looking forward to meeting her beloved.
    The boss began to press the buttons and in front of the faces of the men, my ass turned out to be with legs wide apart. I looked at myself in the mirror. It was a spectacle. I hung, slightly swaying, and from behind my crotch were drilled by the views, already mad with excitement of men. The boss paused.
    I removed my hand.
    The frightened young man looked blankly at me, then at Larisa, who immediately stood up for him, explaining that in my absence she had no one to help, and she turned to the guy. My wife reproached me with the fact that I, they say, flooded my eyes and invented something for myself, although nothing, from her point of view, irreparable happened. In short, we had another fight and I went back to the campsite, freaked out, took a taxi and drove to the center. As we approached the city center, the landscape and the contingent changed beyond recognition. Outside the car window, more and more often, flashed high-rise buildings, neon signs, decent hotels and indecent establishments, such as bars, massage parlors and brothels. Unlike the place where we lived, these streets were noisy and crowded, carnival and vicious fun reigned. I told the taxi driver to drop me off at one of the local attractions and went to get drunk with grief.
    He fiddled with my hole with his finger and said that I was ready.
    We laughed and walked right up to her carriage.
    Member burned like fire. This feeling intensified. Suddenly, Galya blunted loudly. I felt that it would happen now – I first end in a real sex with a woman, right in the sweet girl’s ass.
    One asked for coffee, the rest decided to drink a skate. I went to serve a table on wheels and felt greedy and lustful looks on me. I was wearing black underwear, which not only did not cover anything, but, on the contrary, protruded everything as much as possible. The bra lifted my chest, supporting my swollen boobs with excited nipples as if on a platter. I was wearing black fishnet stockings at the waist. My cunt was carefully shaved. I brought a table and bent down to pour cognac for the men. They looked at me and from excitement, their hands trembled. Two seductive boobs hung in front of their noses, and in the reflection of the mirror they were my ass and crotch expanded. The one who drank coffee asked for milk. The chief grinned.

در حال نمایش 1 نوشته (از کل 1)
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