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    She sucked great, I dreamed about such a blowjob all my life. However, no matter how much I tried to persuade my wife, she did not agree to give me at least a light blowjob.
    Taking out a member, I drove it into her ass. We both moaned in unison and came. There was a knock on the compartment door.
    She took a member in her hand, and he felt that she began to squeeze and unclench the shaft several times, thus testing it for elasticity. Then her hand went down to the balls and massaged them gently. There she stayed longer. After a minute, she moved to the head of the penis. Squeezing the head a little with two fingers, she compared the hardness compared to the shaft of the penis. Slava’s head was filled with blood and was dark red from tension. Quickly looking at Slava, she again focused on the head and put her lips to it. She just kissed without opening her mouth, as if kissing.
    There you go, and I thought you didn’t know anything. Is this your first time?
    I focused on my feelings, and now the end of sliding has come. He sprinkled the cave with life-giving juice, waited until the pressure in the hose subsided and he fell off, slipping out of the pipe, and fell off full. Mother-in-law stood doggystyle for a while, slid off the sofa, and just like that, without even wiping herself, she began to pull on her pants. I’m in a hurry that it’s time to go. So let’s go, who are we waiting for?
    Okay, let’s try) Well, Natasha, come to me, I’ll caress you.
    Sashenka, we are starting a new life, and we don’t give a damn about old sins and forget.
    Nuuu, okay, if so – and continued to accept his caresses.

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