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    In the evening it began to rain heavily, which did not last too long. But the ground was very wet. I no longer intended to weed that day, and it was already dark. I decided to go to the neighbors to get acquainted. I went into their yard, saw that they were heating the bathhouse. I went closer, because the desire to see that girl naked was above all. I noticed that there was a small window in the dressing room. So I decided this was my chance. I stood near the window, leaned my face and began to observe. At first there was no one there, but then the same girl came in. She held a phone in her hand and wrote to someone. After that, the girl slowly unfastened her bra from behind, which flew off after a few moments. Nothing else prevented me from examining her breasts. She was very sexy, smooth, her nipples were small and pink. The member stood a stake. Slowly, the girl unbuttoned her shorts, after which they fell down. She began to take off her thin, white as a bra, panties. Having lowered them to her knees, she bent down with cancer to remove them completely, and I opened my eyes to her narrow hole. I noticed that there was a butt plug in her ass. When the panties flew onto the bench, the neighbor pulled this cork with her gentle hand. Because of this, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. She may have moaned, but I couldn’t hear her. She placed the ass item on the top shelf. I lowered my shorts a little and began to slowly masturbate. When the girl went into the bath itself, I convinced myself that either I would risk and go in, or I would lose such a chance.
    Maxim is our mutual friend. Good boy. Walking Alenka.
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    What are you against?
    We perfectly managed to combine business with pleasure, Vadim noted philosophically, getting off my wife. – Lenochka, you were great.
    We greeted each other warmly, even hugged. Then they went up, it seems, to the fifth floor. Galya opened the door, entered the apartment and let me in. In the hallway we took off our outer clothes and took off our shoes. When Galya took off her hat, I noticed that she, since our first meeting, had dyed her black hair dark brown. She was wearing normal blue jeans and some kind of sweater.
    I took a shower, locking the bathroom door. Then he went to his room. I lay down on the bed and fell asleep almost immediately. I don’t know how long I slept, but I woke up when it was still light outside. I put on a T-shirt and shorts and left the room. It was quiet in the house, I started to go down the stairs and at that moment a short-haired, slightly plump man, a little shorter than me, in trousers and a shirt, entered the house. At first he was surprised to see me, but almost immediately he understood what was happening and smiled at me.
    Anh, listen. I don’t think in stereotypes, for me it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. I see you and I see how beautiful you look.
    Yes, of course, I’ll come back now, having dressed back, only putting on a short skirt and cool thongs, I went to him in the next compartment, going there I saw him at the table drinking coffee, we sat talking with him for several minutes, I found out that his name was Maxim, I already thought that everything is fine, there will be no sex, because I was a little afraid of this, but at one moment he moved to the bunk on which I was sitting and began to paw my ass and say how sexy, pressing me against the wall, he pawed and on my chest and began to kiss, soon took me roughly by the neck and led me out of the compartment and with the words “go whore!” led me into another compartment where two more men of large build were sitting, they cornered me and began to undress, Maxim began to unzip his fly, and someone else closed the compartment door with a key and then I realized what would happen now. When I saw Maxim’s huge bolt, after watching porn, I reflexively reached out to him and began to lick, he hit me on the cheek and said: Early whore!! Eggs first!

در حال نمایش 1 نوشته (از کل 1)
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