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    “Your ass is deep, slut. Now turn around without getting up and start sucking.
    I don’t even know how it all started. It seemed like such a wonderful evening. We went to visit, sat in good company, had fun, came home. I have the brightest plans for the coming evening and night, the wildest dreams, and she, my friend, suddenly got turned on for no reason. And I don’t love her, and I don’t appreciate her, and all evening I danced with only one proshmandovki (these are her girlfriends). And with her, poor little orphan, only a few times of everything, and even then so-so. And all evening he was only staring at these bitches, at their tits, at their asses.
    The guy made a few steps and opened the door of the corner number, which was through the wall from our.
    Need to try.
    In April, it became very warm and Tomka came to work in tight jeans with a very low waist and a dark blouse in which she did not fasten the top 2 buttons and her gorgeous chest, which was visible in this impromptu neckline, completely blew me off the brakes.
    Then let me give you a ride home, it’s already dark, and a nice girl like you shouldn’t be walking around these neighborhoods alone.
    Will she get pregnant?
    Looking straight into my eyes, she smiled wryly as my cock began to rise. And I didn’t set them like that. She declared proudly and, lowering my trousers, knelt down.
    “And you decided that I would breed Inna? I also had a mumps. Where is the guarantee?”

در حال نمایش 1 نوشته (از کل 1)
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