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    Dima. You are so good at fucking. Trying to catch her breath, said the stepmother. Come on sunshine, fuck me some more. I want to feel your cock inside me again.
    She has even shorter ones. And believe me, who didn’t just kiss her in it. Yes, Allen?
    I remembered how I screamed, cumming from your cunnilingus and woke up our entire hostel. You grabbed my hair, threw your head back and forcefully clamped down on my mouth. Without letting go of me, you continued to put my body on your long penis, I pulled out, moaned, growled until I had the strength, and then I just collapsed on the floor, my arms and legs trembled a little more, but I could not move, I left the strength. His head was spinning and his eyes were dark blue. Yes, and you were in nirvana too, since you remember almost nothing about last night.
    She sucked great, I dreamed about such a blowjob all my life. However, no matter how much I tried to persuade my wife, she did not agree to give me at least a light blowjob.
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    I… I don’t…
    Her name was Diana.
    When I went home, the classes at the technical school had already run out, and I met with my favorite classmates. We went to my house to do some homework and enjoy each other more. Having entered my apartment, we took off our shoes and went to my room, they sat down at the desk and began to take out notebooks, I asked them how the school day went, and they said that it was boring without me, to which I just smiled and said, which will be much more fun now. After this phrase, I went up to them, unfastened their belts and completely took off their clothes. Their members were already ready to penetrate my mouth, and I began to caress their wonderful heads, which have been pleasing me for a long time. Having sucked enough, I got rid of my clothes and invited them into my holes. They entered them at the same time, and I enjoyed their every movement, after a few minutes an orgasm covered me, and after 20 minutes they completely flooded my holes with their young and excellent sperm.
    Hey! I didn’t pick up the phone because I was talking at work. No, I don’t have a lover. Who saw us? Yes, I just met Ruslan, we haven’t talked for a long time, we drank coffee. In his garage, don’t start…
    Girls, our Sanka pleased me so much today that I was in seventh heaven! And looking at me, happily added. Well done, I did not even think that you are so good at doing!

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