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    How are you? she asked timidly.
    Lisa, frightened again at the last moment, reflexively tightened her vaginal muscles, as if trying to keep the seed out. But the effect was rather the opposite. Strongly compressed labia repeatedly increased Artyom’s orgasm. He squeezed into Lisa, and his penis, deep inside the girl, convulsively tried to throw out the remnants of sperm. From lack of semen, these convulsions continued for an unusually long time. Lisa at that moment could no longer think about anything. The pubis of the guy, strongly pressing on her labia, the eggs rubbing her clitoris, the sharp movements of the penis deep into her vagina, and most importantly, the realization that he is now releasing his sperm inside her, made the girl experience a strong orgasm.
    I really wanna be with you.
    – How did you like it? Tell me more about that.
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    Without closing the penis completely, I gently moved my fingers along the trunk, she completely stood up almost immediately and I felt like he was filled with blood, and with each spasm the head increased more and more. With my other hand, I stroked her buttock, which either tense or relaxed, and Anyuta slightly moved her hips back and forth, although at the same time she still squatted slightly, because the penis was already standing and looked almost vertically up. Flying away in my thoughts, I decided that come what may, moving a little closer to the edge of the sofa, I grabbed the hand that was stroking her buttocks – all at once the whole ass. Running my hand up and down several times, I pressed my hand to the ass and tried to stop her movements, at the same time stopping masturbating. With my index finger, which was on top of the penis, I directed it down a little, felt a slight resistance and saw another surge and how the head swelled again.
    Something I want you, even though your penis is small, but everything is somehow … She was right, my penis is really small, not so micro, but not a giant!
    She pressed the call button, Mikhail opened the door and invited me into the apartment. Angelina Romanovna, with an experienced teacher’s look, noticed some unusual excitement on his face … She went in, took off her shoes and went with her black leather expensive briefcase into the room where classes were usually held. I sat down in an office chair and laid out textbooks, notebooks, a notebook on the table in front of the computer … A pack of condoms lying behind the speakers of the switched on computer caught my eye (finally, I’m glad for you, Mishunya, I thought).
    I turned away, went to the door, took the bottle and, looking at the already familiar picture, took a step towards my wife and Sasha, he diligently drove a tense member along her pussy hidden behind a thin fabric.

در حال نمایش 1 نوشته (از کل 1)
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