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    “I did everything for you that was needed. Now you are strong enough to go on on your own and help others to go. Goodbye. You know that I really love and know you, your soul. Do not write to me and do not look for me – it is useless and unnecessary. I am you. We never parted, we were never even two different beings, just one. And so it will always be. Your favorite ass.” Then Galya put a smiley.
    She was crying out of fear. I came up behind and grabbed her by the hair, bringing her to her knees. The tights were torn on the right knee from branches and leaves. He slapped a savory slap in the face to get over the shock.
    Hold me, I’ll get her.
    My pulse increased a little more.
    HAHGHM – Sashkin’s stifled chuckle was heard.
    I couldn’t miss her. Therefore, I had to stop the car on the go and push out the carrier. Damn cretin… I hope you have enough connections in the FSB to get out.

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