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    Inna slowly brought her face closer and uncertainly grabbed my dick with her mouth. Rita encouraged: “Deeper! Up to my hand! Do you feel it? Lick it with your tongue like a lollipop.”
    Close the slurp slurp, I’m not with you bazaar. What, like to fuck this whore? Good sucking?
    We met her in Artek, constantly corresponded, but still could not meet. And here she comes soon! Shower, shave, more Chypre to kill the spirits of the girls who so impudently seduced me. After all, Galka constantly hinted to me that she was going to marry me. Almost a bride!
    Leaving the station, we took a taxi and went to the hotel. Tanya sat next to the taxi driver, and I was in the back seat. All the way to the hotel, the wife made eyes at the young driver. He helped bring things to the room. Tanya took money from me for a taxi and said that she did not take her small handbag from the car. The wife went downstairs with the taxi driver. I took out of the suitcase the things that we would need in the morning in the room and lay down on the bed to watch TV. An hour later, Tanya did not return. I called her, but she didn’t pick up the phone. She returned to her room an hour later. I managed to go to the shower and lay on the bed in one towel. Tanya was in a good mood. She took off her shorts and T-shirt, under which there was no bra, and went to the shower. In the pocket of the shorts were the money that the wife had to pay the taxi driver. I followed her. The door was open. Tanya washed in the shower. Her red panties lay on the floor. They were in fresh semen.
    I know that’s why I don’t want to. I’ll leave it for later. Ice cream should not be eaten immediately. You need to lick it, the pleasure will last longer.
    Oh what are you doing? Let me go! What a sin!
    Wriggling, enjoying every movement, she skillfully directed my actions. And when she reached the peak, not with words, with groans, she asked to take it. Strong legs wrapped around me, helping me to penetrate deeper, while also adjusting the rhythm. The pelvis moved towards, made movements from side to side, helping to get complete satisfaction to the body that was starving for caress. And here it is: Ah! BUT! A a a!
    – Vano, get ready urgently, we are going to the river, the girls are also going, Irka and Vika are your beloved.
    In general, I digressed a little from the main story, sorry …

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