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    Suddenly she felt that the edge of the hand with force fell on the neck. Eve realized that she was about to pass out. Meanwhile, Adam pulled her rounded hips higher. With his strong hands, he spread her lush buttocks, pressed his whole body, and with one powerful push crashed into her. His huge cock entered Eve’s virgin ass with great difficulty.
    How is it, she’s an angel at all?!
    Zina, my sister came from Novgorod to get married. There is nowhere to live, so I decided to rebook with us. Zinka’s fiance, of course, is handsome: blond, slender, pumped up, not like Olezhka.
    – Well, of course, there should be an effect, but I’m not trying in vain now. Put a pillow under your back.
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    I called him at 12 o’clock, he broke off from work and at one o’clock was already pulling off my pantyhose along with panties. His dick must have stood all this hour, as he, without even undressing, put it in my vagina. I calmly let myself be fucked… Oleg lasted about three minutes.
    “You didn’t mix anything up, cattle?” I said looking into his eyes. “I didn’t sign up to be your slut, if you’re going to continue like this, then you’ll have to keep jerking off in the morning.”
    “Well, how is my dick in your ass? Like?”
    She also told me different stories from her life – it seems true. For example, as on the beach (it seems, somewhere in the Crimea) she let two men fuck themselves in the mouth and in the ass at the same time, despite the fact that there were vacationers nearby. I listened eagerly.
    Like a topic. To open more than close …

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