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    They entered the room, the door automatically closed behind them.
    I loved to caress her with my hands, trying to bring her to orgasm: teasing the hole, I went up to the clitoris, and, finding a bead at the base of the lips, I began to lightly touch it with my fingers, sliding in hot lubricant.
    Anna Dmitrievna left, and about twenty minutes later Igor came. A respectable man of high stature, but somewhat overweight. He was dressed in a tracksuit.
    Yes, I thought, where to him, that is, to you. What does the man have? Yes, pimple. And it turned out that wow! Did not expect! My husband has less. And he is healthier than you.
    Like any guy my age, most of all I wanted to see sex, and only then sons jealousy, so my desire was for their father not to find them for as long as possible, confident that as soon as he discovers them, there will be a scandal, or maybe be a fight.
    Zina went to the restaurant in the morning to arrange a banquet. Olezha was called to work for dinner. I was alone in the apartment with him. The member did not leave my head, but I understood that this was not right, so I prevented in every possible way the subsequent pictures that my imagination painted.
    I returned to the booth. Anya sat on the couch and looked at me playfully from under her black eyebrows. I sat down next to her, put my hand between her shoulder blades and kissed her again.
    After finishing what she had, her friend went for another one. Drunk to the point of impropriety, I again fell into a nervous state, remembering how he hit me in front of everyone, after which I broke into hysterics, bursting into tears. My friend’s brother sat down on the sofa with me and began to stroke me, hugging me, Calm down, he whispered to me, in life it happens not only that, you think it’s cheating, although this may not be the case, but even if so, then you need to hold on, and you can’t answer the same so leave, after all, do not take revenge, resentment will eat you constantly, I roared, he stroked my hair, pressing his head to his chest.
    – That is, my barrel will be out of work in some kind of case, and I will work as an imitation, heh, that’s something.

در حال نمایش 1 نوشته (از کل 1)
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